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Internationally, hardwood floors have become the #1 choice floor covering in upmarket homes. Figures show that by installing solid wood floors when renovating or building a home, owners can expect to appreciate at least 10% on their investment in the home's resale value. This is one of the reasons why the prestigious genuine wood flooring market has tripled in less than a decade. In South Africa, the growth is even more dramatic.

Here at Bedson we stay ahead with the modern day trends and can thus offer our clients a custom décor range to choose from.

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Timber decking is a marvellous way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home, garden or building. A natural product in harmony with the environment, decking lends itself to a tremendous variety of forms and styles – all of which bring added beauty and value to any building or landscape.

Decking blends with all types of gardens and building designs and can be tailored to suit all sized and budgets. Whether you would prefer a large, elevated deck, a free-standing island or a small intimate deck beyond your French or patio doors, the choice is yours.

A deck can be installed at ground level or, preferably, for a true deck effect, in an elevated position - especially when it runs off the back of a house.

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