We control the identity and wellbeing of our forests very closely by having specialists on the ground as well as keeping our inventories up to date with satellite information for the entire plantation (GPS System). We manage our 2,000 hectares of prime land in Paysandu, Uruguay, with the highest standards of professionalism in a sustainable and responsible manner.

We prune and thin our plantations aiming to achieve high quality timber with large diameters. Our passion and care for our trees is almost artisanal in nature. The importance of producing high quality timber is that we can obtain wood free of knots and defects which have a higher value.

In addition, we do cattle raising activities, essential for our silviculture management program, and to assist us in ameliorating the danger of fire occurrence in the forests.

Once the trees are grown and the sought diameters achieved, we move into sawmilling, which essentially converts the logs cut from the trees, in the forests, to lumber in different sizes. Log optimization is therefore crucial when processing high value timber.

We are currently designing our sawmill in Uruguay which will be operational in 2017. It will consist of state of the art equipment and technology for an annual production of approximately 20,000m3 per year.