Our History

Our History

In 1988 Oscar Bupo, CEO of the Bupo Business Group, identified great opportunities between Argentina and South Africa. The challenge was to cross the "language" and "ignorance" barriers and the resulting rewards were immense at business and personal levels.

Oscar Bupo
Oscar & Nonny Bupo.

History and Facts

  • June 1988- Bedson started trading in the RSA in Timber and Veterinary products.
  • January 1992 - The CEO's office was 12 sq meters and the rented warehouse 50 sq meters with no employees.
  • December 1995 -Two employees, one truck and Bedson (South Africa) took the first effort to market and export to Egypt.
  • 2003 - Bedson owned 20,000 sq meters of warehouses situated in a prime industrial area in Pretoria, South Africa and 30,000 sq meters in Parque Ind. Gchu, Entre Rios, Argentina.
  • 2005 - Bedson was actively selling in 20 African countries and trading in more than 30 countries. Bedson owned 2000 hectares of forestry land in Paysandu, Uruguay.
  • 2006 - Annual sales reached increased substantially and fifty people were employed. Warehousing extended to Durban.
  • 2007 – Bedson Timbers separated from Bedson Africa and registered on their own in May 2007.
  • 2008 – Bedson Timbers is growing from strength to strength with 80 staff members and the latest IT technology implemented. A new building is underway in Pretoria East to accommodate the new showroom and extended warehousing needs.
  • 2009 – New Building
  • 2012 – Flooring in Boxes
  • 2013 – Shanghai 2013, April
  • 2014 – Exports of flooring to countries such as VAE and Azerbaijan
  • 2014 – Incorporated the Boards Division with key products such as chipboard, plywood, MDF and HDF boards.