Kiln Drying

Kiln Drying

Bedson Timbers SA has significant in-house drying capacity through its various drying kilns where wet off saw timber is taken down to the requisite 8 to 10% moisture content.

A very specialized process is involved in drying timber correctly.

The rate at which moisture moves in wood is dependent upon the relative humidity of the surrounding air, the steepness of the moisture gradient, and the temperature of the wood. The lower the relative humidity, the greater the capillary flow. Low relative humidity also stimulates diffusion by lowering the moisture content, at the surface, thereby steeping the moisture gradient. If the relative humidity is too low during the early stages of the drying of greenwood, excessive and surface checking may result. The higher the temperature of the wood, the faster the surface dries. If the temperature is too high, however, collapse, honeycombing or reduction in strength may result.

Bedson has taken this aspect of the technical preparation of timber for clients very seriously.