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Forests for the next generation...

Forests offer many invaluable benefits. For instance they help remove nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from the air. Forests also provide clean drinking water, flood control by interception of rainfall, erosion control, and habitat for aquatic species. Forests ensure proper watershed function by regulating water flow into streams after heavy rains and by supporting base flow of water slowly released from the soil between rains.

Public awareness about environmental issues is at an all-time high, and increasingly, consumers are doing their part by choosing products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Fortunately, the facts are clear: Wood products, including solid wood flooring is the only flooring option available that is completely sustainable. In addition, wood flooring also has the smallest impact on our environment. It is carbon-neutral, uses fewer fossil fuels in its production, has less water consumption in its production and has the longest service life of all flooring options. As a member of the NWFA, Bedson Timbers recommend that you take a look at the NWFA Industry Research Foundation's Life Cycle Analysis for Solid Hardwood Flooring conducted by the University of Wisconsin. The study analyzes the environmental impact of wood flooring and several flooring alternatives. Each flooring type is compared for harmful air emissions, water consumption, total primary energy consumption and product life expectancy.